15 March, 2017
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14 June, 2016
9 июня в здании областного акимата состоялось заседание совета общественного согласия Ассамблеи народа Казахстана, посвященное…

Video surveillance

In present world special attention is given to security. And appropriate level of security is usually a result of a good video surveillance system as it allows controlling the secured area all the time. However, video surveillance systems not only provide security and identify violations of law, they also give you vast information that may help you to analyze and optimize your business.

The video surveillance system is good for different purposes – Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) for security purposes or CCTV for process control purposes that are integrated into engineering system of the area. CCTV for security purposes increases security level of the area and in case of any violation or crime on the secured area it provides operator with full information about an incident and records evidentiary material. CCTV for process control purposes – controls personnel or any process on site. Minimum costs on installation of CCTV cameras compensate costs very quickly.

One of the examples of global solution of CCTV system for big industrial sites can be implemented project of creation and implementation of security systems at Atyrau Refinery. We developed solutions and reinstated the existing systems of perimeter security and plant perimeter video surveillance systems, installed three new video surveillance systems, video surveillance systems of auto-roads on the territory of the plant, observation and identification system of vehicles’ numbers with the ability to identify number plates of all CIS countries and number of foreign countries. We also installed a special thermal vision camera that can identify number plates of tank cars with fuel leaving the plant and identify fuel level in the tank. All the systems are integrated into one complex “Intellect” ITV. During installation there were used up-to-date systems of video transmission via fiber-optic cable.

There is also a number of other big facilities, such as: ”Toyota Center”, Automobile service center MERKUR, Atyrau Piping Plant, hotel complex Kazakhstan, PITC Geophysics in Aktau.

Depending on the type of tasks video surveillance systems are classified as:

Analog systems – use videotape recorder to record video image from video camera, quadrators (multiplexors) and analog monitor to depict video picture. Today such systems are out-of-date and do not meet the requirements of present time.

Digital systems – such systems are functional, universal and have small overall size. They allow providing video surveillance of any object. Digital video recorders (DVR) or computers with installed video capture plate are used as recorders. Video recorders and video servers include quadrator’s (multiplexor’s) function, videotape recorders function, etc. Contemporary digital video recorders are equipped with network interface that allows video transmission and archive for deleted users with the help of local network and Internet.

IP systems – The main IP for video surveillance is usage of IP (network) surveillance camera – a combination of digital camera, specialized computer that can divert analog signal into digital signal without any additional devices and a network card that means that it can have its own IP address in the network. In order to operate this system it is required to install appropriate software on the computer that will allow camera control, video recording in digital format and working with archive or use specialized IP video recorders.

The main stages of creation of video surveillance system are:

  • Designing of video surveillance. ОThe design is made in accordance with all the Client’s requirements and only after site visit of our engineer. The engineer measures all the distances, draws draft layout and based on this layout identifies number, type and location of video surveillance cameras. This task is quite difficult, because at this stage the whole system is planned, equipment is selected and other principal decisions are made that impact final result and functionality of CCTV for security purposes;
  • Installation of video surveillance system – is a very critical stage. It is carried out by our specialists with a high quality and in short time that means that we minimize inconveniencies for our Client. At this stage we install video surveillance cameras on the locations specified before, run communication routes for video transmission, installation of the remaining equipment such as video recorders, power supply units, monitors, quadrators and finally commutation of all the system components and integration of separate parts into one system;
  • Setting of the equipment of video surveillance system is a final setting, commissioning and complex testing of all the equipment integrated into one system at the installation stage.
  • Maintenance of surveillance systems.

List of video surveillance system maintenance activities:

  • General functional testing;
  • Diagnostics of resources, check drivers for system errors, sector errors, damages of magnetic coating;
  • Diagnostics of video surveillance equipment;
  • Checking and adjustment of the software, recording parameters, system backup and display;
  • Adjustment of directions and observation angles for cameras;
  • Visual inspection of connections and cables;
  • Inspection of temperature-proof housings (for outside cameras);
  • Adjustment of directions and observation angles for cameras;
  • Check voltage value of power supply, functional testing of heating devices (if available), video outputs, operation modes of video surveillance systems;
  • Cleaning of server housing, display, keyboard, mouse;
  • Trouble-shooting (minor defects);
  • Visual inspection to make sure there is no any mechanical damage, corrosion, checking fixtures, etc., inspection of components of video surveillance system: video cameras, data switching center, video server (video recorder), monitors and power sources.
  • Cleaning of internal surface of the system unit server (video recorder) and users’ subscription units;
  • Function testing of video surveillance system fed from the standby power supply.
  • Preventive maintenance (not less than once a quarter), function testing of components and video surveillance system in general;
  • Taking actions, and providing recommendations in order to provide continuous work of video surveillance system;
  • Providing consultations regarding operation of video surveillance system;
  • Cleaning object-glass and video cameras from dust and dirt;
  • Cleaning housings from dust and dirt;

In case of any equipment failures, emergency maintenance shall be provided on an on-call basis.

Maintenance of video surveillance is provided as a part of bilateral agreement between the Client and Provider. Before signing a Contract, Parties inspect the site in order to identify all video surveillance system components, technical conditions of the system, compliance of installation works with project documentation. The results of the inspection may be indicated in the initial inspection report, which contains list of system components, compliance (non-compliance) of the equipment installed with project documentation, recommendations regarding video surveillance system upgrade.

Maintenance of the equipment is carried out in accordance with the terms agreed with the Client and in strict compliance with regulatory documents.

If you would like to get consultation, install or maintain your video surveillance system or ask for FREE visit of our engineer for site inspection in Atyrau and receive our quotation, please call: 8 (7122) 35 53 17

Cost for maintenance services is calculated individually, in accordance with specifications and equipment characteristics.