15 March, 2017
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14 June, 2016
9 июня в здании областного акимата состоялось заседание совета общественного согласия Ассамблеи народа Казахстана, посвященное…

Access monitoring and control system

Access monitoring and control system

Capital stock of any enterprise is its employees. Their work time is the main asset and it is also non-renewable resource. Caspi Oil Systems Company offers their access monitoring and control system. This system makes it possible to control access of employees and visitors to premises, buildings or group of buildings through different doors or turnstiles.

Caspi Oil Systems Company developed solutions and implemented access monitoring and control systems with different tasks for such companies as Agip KCO, JSC R&D Institute “Caspi MunaiGas”, OJSC “Toyota Tsu&ho Kazakhstan Auto”, JSC “Condensate” and others.

Access control and monitoring system makes it possible for employees to get access to a protected area with the help of contactless smart card, biometric readers (fingerprints readers), arrange a system of access through turnstiles, bars and gates.

Access control (ACMS) fully prevents from the influence of a human factor to access mode, as the whole access process is under the automatic control.

ACMS allows differentiating access to a building, i.e. give a certain level of access to any building to a person in accordance with his/her official responsibilities and authority.

This access control system keeps records of a date and time when the employees passed, controls working time, identifies a person, who used the card by visual face comparison of that person with the original picture of the card owner, control any movements of personnel within the protected area, and prevent from giving a smart card to another person with the help of second entry control system.

ACMS can deny access of employees in holidays or weekends, after working day is over, organize a data base for each employee or visitor, and receive information about different emergency and critical situations.

Access control (ACMS) can be integrated with the other security systems. Intellectual integration of the ACMS and video surveillance system gives a full control of a situation on site. In case of emergency situation this integrated systems allows identifying a violator in a short term. Thanks to emergency entry/exit system, the ACMS system may be integrated with the security alarm system. Such integration helps to activate the siren, light-emitting diode lamp, etc. in cases of infiltration. The ACMS system can also be integrated with the fire alarm system. Such integrity allows unblocking the doors, opening the gates, and de-activating turnstiles for evacuation of personnel in case of fire.

There are many option of application of the ACMS system – it all depends on the individual requirements of a Client.

The Access Control and Monitoring System include:

  • Access Control Equipment (ACE). For example turnstiles, doors equipped with the card-access lock, gates, bars and sluice gates.
  • ACMS controllers. Electronic microprocessor-based modules that provide identification of access objects, differentiating access to the area, control of blocking and signaling devices (equipment) logging data received from sensors and sending signal to remote guard posts.
  • Reader units (RU), “smart readers”. For example radio frequency identification equipment, contactors TouchMemory, dactylographic scanners, computer vision equipment.
  • Identifiers. For example RFID marks, “buttons” TouchMemory.
  • ACMS software – tool that provides centralized control of the ACMS controllers from personal computer (PC), developing reports, various additional functions.

The ACMS system is a security tool, but it also keeps records of actions and timekeeping.

We also provide warranty services and maintenance of the system.

Today ACMS is the most reliable and modern way of security provision for any enterprise.