15 March, 2017
Была проведена установка GPS трекеров Scout в компании Каспийский Трубопроводный Консорциум. Был проведен монтаж на 25 машин. Заказчики…
14 June, 2016
9 июня в здании областного акимата состоялось заседание совета общественного согласия Ассамблеи народа Казахстана, посвященное…

The Console of CSED

Connection of the fire alarm systems to the Central Monitoring Panel (CMP) of the Department of Emergency Situations in Atyrau region.

In light of the implementation of directions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and directives of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the introduction of the innovative technologies, Caspi Oil -Systems LLP has successful implemented the project for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on establishment of the fire safety Central Monitoring Panel (CMP) in Atyrau region on the basis of Andromeda system as part of the Unified Duty Dispatch Service (UDDS). Fruitful cooperation with the American company “Honeywell – Kazakhstan” and the Russian company “C-Nord” allows us to use the most advanced solutions and to apply the advanced technologies in the implementation of such a complex project as CMP is.

Establishment of CMP provides the possibility to significantly reduce the number of victims and material damage caused by fire, and the Department of Emergency – to monitor operability of the local security – fire alarm systems at the object connected to CMP in real-time mode and to respond immediately to incoming signals.

The Engineering and Technical Center (ETC) professionally supporting performance of CMP system in real time is established on the basis of Caspi Oil -Systems LLP. The ETC staff consists of highly qualified programmers trained by the developers of Andromeda and the engineers trained in operation, installation and configuration of the equipment by Honeywell and Andromeda specialists.

Caspi Oil -Systems LLP in cooperation with Honeywell-Kazakhstan, servicing the Emergency Protection (EP) system, in such Strategic Locations as Tenizshevroyl (TCO), the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), the Atyrau Refinery (ANPZ), Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO bv.) (Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field) and others conduct works on connection of these strategic locations to CMP.
On November 16 at the Department of Emergency Situations of Atyrau region the presentation of CMP project for Vladimir Bozhko, the Minister of Emergency Situations RK, was held in cooperation with Caspi Oil -Systems LLP. The Minister got acquainted with the functions of the project, its hardware and software potential, as well as with the emergency drill procedure and operational exercise by the duty service of all necessary actions on the basis of the embedded Andromeda system and software.
The Minister expressed appreciation and formulated guidelines for the future development of all potential of the software in the security system.

Andromeda software facilitates automation of the process of assessment of the situation and decision making on the response in the event of emergency. Information about events quickly comes to our monitoring center and Central Monitoring Panel of the Department of Emergency Situations in Atyrau region.

With Andromeda system the duty operator of the fire safety system is able to:
Quickly determine the location of a fire alarm on the electronic map of the region.
Control the time of arrival of fire units to the Incident Locations.
Find on the electronic map the location of the forces involved in emergency response.
Coordinate interaction of the services (ambulance crews, police and other emergency services) involved in emergency response.
Operatively use the database including floor schemes, plans and description of the objects as well as their approach routes.