15 March, 2017
Была проведена установка GPS трекеров Scout в компании Каспийский Трубопроводный Консорциум. Был проведен монтаж на 25 машин. Заказчики…
14 June, 2016
9 июня в здании областного акимата состоялось заседание совета общественного согласия Ассамблеи народа Казахстана, посвященное…

The fire and security alarm

The fire and security alarm

One of the main ways of application of modern security systems is installation of fire and security alarms in residential buildings, public houses and enterprises. To comply with fire safety regulations it is required to have such system in place, and if such system is missing, the fire inspection may just not allow putting the facility into operation.

Caspi Oil-Systems LLP together with Caspian Oil-Security LLP offers a complex of measures and systems for facilities’ security using intelligent integrated security systems (IISS), which also includes CCS security system. The system is a 24/7 service that provides surveillance for distant objects and allows control of secured areas without constant presence of people.

The efficiency of work of fire and security systems of Caspi Oil-Systems is provided by exceptional organization and application of up-to-date equipment.

IISS – is an integrated complex of fire alarm and security alarm system. The system combines functions of security from unauthorized break-in and function of identification of any ignition and possibility of an automatic extinguishing. Moreover, rapid response team is in constant contact with the CCS operator who coordinates its actions. For this purpose vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation system, which allows a CCS operator to coordinate crews of rapid response teams in real time. The operator can send support, if necessary, call police and emergency services.