15 March, 2017
Была проведена установка GPS трекеров Scout в компании Каспийский Трубопроводный Консорциум. Был проведен монтаж на 25 машин. Заказчики…
14 June, 2016
9 июня в здании областного акимата состоялось заседание совета общественного согласия Ассамблеи народа Казахстана, посвященное…

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

Caspi Oil-Systems Company provides subscriber-based services in maintenance of computer equipment, as well as designing and installation of structured cabling systems (SCS).

Preventive maintenance carried out by Caspi Oil-Systems Company helps to prevent emergency situations that may lead to financial losses, customers’ losses and other undesirable consequences. Our experienced and qualified engineers will substitute the whole IT department that will save your time and money.

Subscriber-based services of Caspi Oil-Systems LLP include:

  • Configuring and administrating servers;
  • Configuring office software;
  • Safe data storage;
  • Antivirus protection;
  • Automation of business processes;
  • Organization of a database;
  • Interface with distant offices of a company;
  • Consultations on optimization of a network infrastructure that meets your expectations.

Designing, installation and maintenance of SCS

Structured cabling systems are crucial for successful work of any business team that requires efficiency, quick and centralized access to global network. Nowadays business requires automation in financial and management accounting. However because of technical glitches there are often system failures in automation systems that lead to negative consequences in business. In order to provide reliable and continuous operation of your Team and Business Caspi Oil-Systems LLP offers you designing, installation and maintenance of SCS.

We provide following services as part of subscriber-based services:

  • Installation and setting up software and computer equipment;
  • Running of local area network, setting of work place to work in Internet and local networks;
  • Server adjustment and maintenance;
  • Maintenance of security of local area networks and antivirus date protection;
  • Connection and adjustment of firmware.

Subscriber-based services help to maintain functionality of your equipment preventing from emergency situations as well as financial, informational or material losses as a result of failures or equipment outages.

Major advantages:

  1. Development of a suitable schedule of our specialist(s) visits;
  2. Immediate response.